Talks agreed on untangling extradition bill imbroglio

Local | 15 May 2019 5:13 pm

Lawmakers from the two rival camps are to hold talks aimed at resolving the deadlock in Legco over the extradition law bill, after the government rejected suggestions for a tripartite meeting, RTHK reports. 
The pro-government camp said Gary Chan, Martin Liao, Tommy Cheung and Alice Mak are likely to be its representatives at the meeting, while the pan-democrats said Claudia Mo, Wu Chi-wai, Alvin Yeung and Kenneth Leung will attend on their behalf.
The pro-government camp said the meeting is scheduled for tomorrow morning. 
The latest development comes after Democrat James To proposed the government join tripartite talks on the issue, but the administration said officials shouldn't intervene in the selection of a chairman for the bills committee, saying this formed part of Legco's internal affairs.
The committee vetting the bill has so far failed to achieve anything due to a conflict between the pro-government and opposition camps over which lawmaker has the right to lead the panel. Anger between the two sides has led to chaotic scenes in the legislature.Photo: RTHK

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