Iran ready to ramp up enrichment of uranium to weapons-grade

World | 15 May 2019 3:35 pm

Iran's supreme leader claims that enriching uranium to weapons-grade levels would not be a difficult task for the country _ the latest threats from Tehran as tensions roil the region amid the unraveling of the nuclear deal. 
State-owned IRAN daily quoted Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as telling a group of officials during a meeting last night that "achieving 20 percent enrichment is the most difficult part. The next steps are easier than this step.'' 
Iran recently threatened to resume higher enrichment in 60 days if no new nuclear deal is in place, beyond the 3.67 percent permitted by the current deal between Tehran and world powers. The Trump administration pulled America out of the deal last year. 
Iranian officials have said that they could reach 20 percent enrichment within four days. Though Iran maintains its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, scientists say the time needed to reach the 90 percent threshold for weapons-grade uranium is halved once uranium is enriched to around 20 percent. -AP


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