North Korean food factory ramps up tasty, healthy food production

World | 22 Mar 2019 2:41 pm

At North Korea's Kumkhop Trading Company, President Ri Jong Ho said that over the past three years his directions have been to produce more, and better, products.

Leader Kim Jong Un has visited personally, twice, to drive that point home.

"The leader cares a lot about the dietary food problems of the people,” he said.

The ramped-up output of factories like Ri’s, which produces 40-50 tons of food each day, shows in supermarket and department store shelves stocked with a surprising variety of inexpensive, colorfully packaged and tasty — if not terribly healthy — chips, sodas and sweets.

Opponents of sending aid to North Korea note the irony.

While the World Food Program is focusing on making nutritious biscuits for pregnant women and infants, Ri boasts his factory is now North Korea’s most important maker of sports drinks. His group is doing so well that it set up a processing plant across the border in Dandong to produce foods for the Chinese market.

One of its most popular products is chocolate "moon” pies.-AP

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