Some baby mattresses aren't safe, says consumer watchdog

World | 14 Mar 2019 1:57 pm

Some brands of baby mattresses on sale in Hong Kong could put infants at risk of suffocation, the Consumer Council warned today.

Of eight brands tested, three failed to meet European safety standards, the council said. These three mattresses were made by 0/3 baby, Minimoto, and Candide, RTHK reported.

The watchdog said it enlisted the help of International Consumer Research and Testing to carry out checks on the mattresses and the three found to be problematic were not firm enough.

"It cannot be too hard or too soft," the council's chief executive Gilly Wong Fung-han explained.

She said if a mattress is too soft and a baby lies face-down on it, they would be at risk of suffocating. A mattress that is too hard on the other hand would be uncomfortable for the child, she added.

Wong said parents should use their hands to test the firmness of different mattresses when they are shopping for one, taking into account the baby's weight.

The council said it has passed details of the three brands it found to be problematic to the customs department.

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