Elderly man admits killing wife

Local | 6 Dec 2018 4:57 pm

An 81-year-old man pleaded guilty to manslaughter today admitting that he killed his 76-year-old, chronically-ill wife in June last year out of fear that no one would be left to take care of her if he died.

High Court judge Judianna Barnes said she plans to temper justice with mercy and consider a lenient sentence, RTHK reports.

Wong Kok-man's lawyer had asked for a light sentence, saying his client had done his best to take care of his wife and that he was depressed when he committed the crime.

Judge Barnes said she considered handing out a probation order but was worried that it may not be suitable for Wong because of his old age.

The judge noted that although Wong had been held in custody for nearly one and a half years, he cannot be released yet as the court is still waiting for some reports.

She then scheduled the sentencing to January 8, 2019.

Wong, who got married in 1980, had been taking care of his chronically ill wife for years. Their only son committed suicide in 2007.

Wong's wife was said to have been suffering from high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, and a thyroid disorder. She was also said to have had a stroke and lost her vision, mobility, and the ability to taste before she was killed.

The court heard that Wong's wife told him that she was sick of her life and eventually he decided to strangle her. Wong then surrendered to the police.

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