MTR plan for 80 checks at Hung Hom station approved

Local | 5 Dec 2018 6:25 pm

The government has approved the MTR Corporation's plan to crack open 80 spots on two platforms at Hung Hom Station to investigate shoddy construction allegations in which workers are said to have cut short steel bars.

This means officials will be opening a spot every seven to eight meters or so on the 400-metre long east-west line platform, and one every 14 meters on the north-south line platform, RTHK reports.

Announcing the details of the test, the MTR and Highways Department officials said today that the process will take at least four months.

The MTR’s managing director, Jacob Kam Chak-pui, said 24 locations on the platform for the Sha Tin to Central Link’s east-west line has been selected for examination, since the company had found insufficient records on how the original design had been modified in those areas.

A team from the University of Hong Kong commissioned by the government selected 28 other spots on the east-west line platform slab, as well as 28 places on the north-south line by random sampling.

At least 168 connections of steel bars to couplers will be examined in total.

Kam said both selection processes meet international standards.

"Their requirements, in terms of sampling, it has to be representative, it has to be holistic, it has to be rational and objective. And, also, the statistically analysis has to be also scientific, rational and objective. I believe we have achieved all of them,” he said.

He added that non-destructive tests, such as ultrasound and radar scanning devices will also be used to investigate alleged problems including honeycombing of concrete.

After the tests are concluded, Kam said, remedial works will be devised and implemented if necessary, and a long-term monitoring system will also be put in place at the station.

Highways Department director, Jimmy Chan Pai-ming, said the government is satisfied with the approach.

Chan also revealed that the government had rejected the MTR’s earlier assessment proposals, which only involved the examination of the east-west line, on grounds that the scope was too narrow.

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