Anhui slaughter houses exposed for cattle water torture

China | 23 Nov 2018 2:41 pm

Owners of two slaughterhouses in eastern Anhui province have been accused of animal cruelty after an investigation revealed dirty water was being forcefully pumped into cattle.

An estimated 120 kilograms of water had been pumped into the animals 12 hours before they are slaughtered. The method is believed to increase the weight of the cattle, increasing the amount its meat can be sold for, Xinhua reports.

In a video by Hongxiong News, a cow is seen kneeling on the ground after being pumped with water. Water is seen spurting from its nostrils after the tubes are removed.

Cattle at the two slaughterhouses were pumped with dirty water through plastic tubes inserted into their nostrils, according to Hongxiong News.

"These cattle will be killed in the end anyhow, the result waiting for them is all the same. Besides, only about five to ten kilos are added to their weight at most," said the owner of the slaughterhouse to Jiangsu Television, in a denial of the allegations. "These animals cannot feel any pain."

Angry netizens took to Chinese social media to denounce the cruel behavior.

"The scene is so horrible. I cannot stand to watch it," said @LinXiaoming.

"Can people respect cattle? Why cannot these people just kill them straightforwardly?" said @Siyecao.

"We never appreciate these animals give us their energy. Instead, many of us abuse them all the time," said @Shenyanyun.

Pumping water through nostrils can damage the quality of the beef and increase the risk of food contamination said Du Bing, an associate professor at Food School of the South China Agricultural University.

Twenty-nine people at the two sites were detained by local police on the suspicion of violating food safety and consumer protection laws on November 16, reported Jiangsu Television.

In 2016, two individuals were sentenced to 10 years in prison and fined 1.5 million yuan by a local court in Fuyang City, Anhui Province, for injecting 460 pigs with drugs and water.

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