Travel industry suspects Zhuhai agents using HK guides just for briefings

Local | 12 Nov 2018 4:37 pm

The Travel Industry Council said today that Zhuhai agencies bringing tour groups over the new bridge may be trying to circumvent the law by getting Hong Kong guides to provide brief introductions before leaving the visitors with mainland counterparts.

This comes after the Hong Kong Tourism Industry Employees General Union said yesterday that it noticed that some Hong Kong guides briefed tour groups arriving from the mainland at the port area of the cross-border bridge, but did not continue to escort the travelers, RTHK reports.

The council's executive director, Alice Chan, said it would be illegal if a mainland guide took a tour group around the city rather than a local.

"That is where Hong Kong police should look into," Chan said.

But she also told RTHK's Joanne Wong that the local travel agents would just be fulfilling their part of a contract signed with mainland operators.

"The problem is that the TIC would expect a tourist guide to take care of a tour group for the entire trip," Chan said. "But it all depends on the what is on the contract between the Hong Kong travel agent and the mainland travel agent."

Concerns over illegal tours have surfaced since huge crowds of tourists started thronging Tung Chung at the weekends.-Photo: RTHK

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