(Bendable phones) FlexPai promises ability to fold 200,000 times

Business | 8 Nov 2018 11:46 am

While the idea of a device being able to bend into different shapes may sound good, IDC analyst Ramon Llamas is skeptical about how practical and durable they will be.

One of the biggest questions is whether the quality of the screens will degrade as they get repeatedly folded. "Are people really going to want to watch a Netflix show on these devices if there is a crease down the middle of it?” Llamas said.

Royole Corp., a small Silicon Valley company, is hoping to sell early versions of its FlexPai foldable-screen phone for US$1,300 to US$1,500 once it comes to the U.S.

Royole said its FlexPai can be bent more than 200,000 times without deteriorating.

Other foldable-screen phones running Google’s Android software are expected to be available, too. Huawei confirmed last month that it is working on a phone with a flexible screen. LG Electronics is widely expected to unveil one at the CES gadget show in Las Vegas in January. LG didn’t respond to a request for comment.

"Everyone has been thinking about the same question: ‘What’s next? Is there nothing more from a smartphone?’” Royole chief executive Bill Liu said.-AP

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