Ted Hui seeks recycling overhaul

Local | 2 Nov 2018 11:35 am

Democratic party legislator Ted Hui said today that he wants the government to revamp the recycling system and facilities to get his support for its waste charging scheme.

He said some Hongkongers who are against the scheme told him they don't want to pay for the disposal of their rubbish which can easily be recycled if proper collection facilities were in place.

"We actually feel resistance from the community that they have to pay extra for the garbage. They feel that the material that is recyclable that they have can't be disposed anywhere," he said.

Hui said as an elected representative of the people he wants to put pressure on the government by not supporting the bill. Hui said the government needs to promise to make improvements in the recycling area for him to support its plan.

Hui told RTHK's Janice Wong that glass recycling plan tried by the government didn't work because the contractor was chosen on the basis of the lowest bid. Instead of cost, the administration should look at who provides a better service, he said.

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