(Shan Tianfang) His voice breathed life into much-loved tales

China | 12 Sep 2018 12:54 pm

Shan Tianfang, best known for his excellent language skills, is a master of presenting the abstract and vivid parts of stories, such as images, colors, and emotions with plain and detailed description, making vivid sounds as well as adjusting his own voice, making his storytelling style accessible and attractive.

Chinese audiences are familiar with his massive representative works including "The White-Eyebrow Hero," "The Romance of Sui and Tang Dynasty," "Heroes in a Troubled Time," and "Three Heroes and Five Gallants," on which he put his distinctive signature, CGTN reports.

Throughout his over-60-year career, Shan has told more than 100 stories appealing to millions of households, with each story comprised of thousands or hundreds of episodes, in which he has portrayed countless figures from Chinese classics. He has helped audiences feel trust, love, hatred, fear and hope using simply his voice.

As he put it, "Pingshu performance is not only my job but also a requisite part of my life." Shan devoted his whole life to the seemingly ordinary act of telling stories. This simple act, however, created an extraordinary cultural legacy embraced by generations of Chinese audiences.

Shan's funeral arrangements will be announced in the coming days.

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