WPP faces shareholder ire on bullying by Sorrell, £20 million share awards

Business | 13 Jun 2018 6:58 pm

Shareholders of WPP the advertising behemoth, are gathering at the Royal Festival Hall, on London’s Southbank, for today’s annual general meeting, the Guardian reports.

The company faces heavy criticism from investors over the recent shock exit of founder Sir Martin Sorrell, and the cloak of secrecy which the firm has tried to throw over the issue.

Some shareholders are certain to vote against WPP’s pay policy, in protest at the decision to allow Sorrell to leave with future share awards worth up to £20 million.

Chairman Roberto Quarta is also in the firing line over his handling of the crisis.

Shareholders will also push the board about the allegations of workplace bullying levelled against Sorrell in recent days, the Guardian says.

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